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Thermal Panoply™ Panel

Thermal Panoply™ is a composite thermal panel system that creatively combines our distinctly powder coated fiber cement board together with class A fire resistant insulation material, i.e. mineral wool, for the purpose of reducing energy consumption, increasing the insulation value of the wall system and improving the performance and appearance of the exterior wall cladding.

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High Quality Guaranteed

Manufacturing in strictly controlled environment, under ICC certified QC program

More Cost Effective

Cost effective comparing to natural granite, stucco and aluminum sheets

More Energy Efficient

Built-in insulation material increases thermal performance Performance Compare

Fewer Installation Constraints

Almost no weather constraints for on-site panel installation

Higher Wind Resistance

Extra strength to resist higher wind load comparing to most of sidings and facade panels

Easier to Mount

Built-in anchor slots or predrilled holes shorten on-site installation time comparing to the tradition.

More Durable

High density fiber cement material and marine-grade corrosion resistant anchors

Appearance Customization

Identical to any customer selected natural granite, stone slate, metal textures and colors

Aesthetic and Decorative

No compromise to architect visions, no matter in granite or modern metallic facade

Manufacturer Warranty

20-30 year limited warranty on panel; 15-year limited warranty on finish

What Textures We Can Make?

Wallshell® indistinguishably coated Thermal Panoply™ panel can present various grades of touches and textures.

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