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Walpanel Inc.

After decades of exterior cladding, off-site panel prefabrication, research and renovation, Walpanel Inc. has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated exterior wall panels. In 2016, it relocated its headquarter to the United States, Maryland, and started to manufacture and sell its products under the brand of Wallshell. Since then, it has developed four cladding systems including two rain-screen systems, one face-sealed insulated cladding system and one prefabricated EIFS system. By 2016, Its total production has exceeded 100 million square feet.


Forrest Zhang, CEO


Wallshell prefabricated weather barrier thermal panel system and rain-screen panel system streamline the design, manufacture and installation of panels and cut weeks or even months out of your development process or multi-step construction. It delivers the precision manufacture, built-in insulation, marine-grade corrosion resistant anchors and pre-anchored panels that are installed in a fraction of time needed for traditional brick, metallic panel, granite-veneer or stucco cladding.

Wallshell Thermal Panoply

To the complex, cost sensitive environment of commercial construction, Wallshell panels bring in a turn key cladding system that has almost no weather constraint, no modification on its on-site installation that gives you the control and predictability you need to make your project successful. It’s time you discover a faster, better, greener, and more cost-efficient way to design and build as uncompromising as you are. It’s time you discover Wallshell.

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Stringent Quality Control

With ICC-ES certified ASTM tested products and stringent quality control program, we hold no reservation in our pride when comparing the qualities of  Wallshell products to those of others.


BIM Technology

Our in-house design and engineering departments are proficient with CAD and BIM technology, which enable Wallshell panels to be precisely cut in-house and ready to be installed on-site. 


CNC Equipped Manufacturing

Our manufacturing is equipped end-to-end with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology that assures the consistency and reliability of  Wallshell product qualities. 

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Climate-controlled Manufacturing

Our completely climate-controlled manufacturing environment makes Wallshell products high-quality and defect-free that no on-site cladding can even come close.

Intellectual Property

More than 30 cladding and exterior wall-related patents and designs, and over 20 years' reputation and awards in the exterior wall industry.


As a member of American Institute of Architects (AIA), Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), and of NAHB, we partner along with many world-leading cladding companies. 

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