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Wallshell Shield

™Wallshell Shield

The source of magnificence, the power of endurance, and the accent of individuality, Wallshell, with its wide-range of textured and color coated façade panels, provides you with an endless inspiration, a realization of architect’s original vision and a comprehensive and versatile solution for your creative individuality.

Rainscreen System

Wallshell Shield back-ventilated rainscreen panel system provides you the excellent properties of the fiber cement that are ideal for high-quality and aesthetic façade solutions, modern and designer’ arrangements, and top level exterior architectures. Let yourself be inspired with our products and present your vision through our endless variations of this single material.

One Material, Endless Variations...

Wallshell strictly controlled spray coating environment enables Wallshell to achieve the top qualities of its finish coat. We constantly measure coating temperature, spraying pressure, curing time, particle size, color RGB precision, board density, and board pre-treatment, etc, to assure the qualities unattainable by any other alternative approaches. With more than 20 years of fiber cement pre-treatment and finish coating experience and technology, we pride our fiber cement coating as a top rank in the world, leveraging our selected source for coating raw materials, our standardized procedures, and our patented machinery and equipment. By complying with ISO9001 and ICC approved quality control methods, we ensure that Wallshell panel systems perform safer, cost less and take less time to build and to maintain, resulting in substantially reduced development risk.

Fiber Cement Board

  • No compromise to architect visions in either granite or modern metallic facade solution 

  • Durable fiber cement material and marine-grade corrosion resistant anchors 

  • Anti-UV organic coating materials with 15-year coat no discoloration warrantee

  • Make no difference in appearance from natural granite or metal materials

  • Almost no weather constraints for on-site panel installation

  • Extra strength to resist higher wind load comparing to most of sidings and facade panels

  • Cost effective comparing to natural granite and aluminum sheets, plus easy to mount

  • High quality finish in strictly controlled manufacturing environment

​Key Features


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