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Architect’s Choice

Architecturally pleasing, faster installation, and environment friendly, Wallshell cladding system in many perspectives is the architect’s choice. It can fulfill your projects with easier implementation and higher performance without compromising your façade complexity and creativity.


Rainscreen System

Rainscreen System

Prefab Thermal Panoply System

Prefab Thermal Panoply System

Prefab EIFPanel System



Wallshell can provide you various material options according to your requirements.




Facade Layout Design Service

Based on your requirements and building situation, combined with our professional team and products with both aesthetics and functionality, Wallshell offers various facade layout design possibilities for your building, which with consideration of a pleasing scale and appearance, proportion and rhythm, solid-to-void relationship and materiality.


Wallshell Shield-Ceramicshell
Wallshell Shield-Ceramicshell
Wallshell Shield-Ceramicshell

Option 1:

Option 3:

The facade layout design with Ceramicshell™ 615, 640, 650

Option 2:

Option 4:

Rendering Service

Wallshell can provide you with rendering services according to the facade design to show the visual effect of your building.

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