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Wallshell Integrated
Project Development Service

Accuracy, efficiency and prefabrication are our company's service tenet. To apply the concept of prefabrication and zero-waste construction to the residential project, through collaboration with our manufacture partners, Walpanel offers an integrated service with the combination of the material supply, steel structure system, architectural and interior design so that customers can have a home that will fit their lifestyle no matter where they are. By integrating the planning, design and engineering stages using Building Information Modelling(BIM), Wallshell can streamline the custom design process and offer the customers increased visibility, control and precision each step of the way. 
With our system to provide you an integrated project development service to streamline the process of building a home into a predictable, thoroughly planned, and executed project that makes you have your dream house.


garher information.jpeg
Information Collection

We will talk with you before the project begins to get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, your interests and your imagination of your ideal home.  

site analysis.jpeg
Project Analysis

To provide an optimized service that specifically for you, we will analyze your project information out of site placement, energy consideration and final effects.

Conceptual design.png
Conceptual Design

Wallshell's designer and architects will determine the style and direction of the project. Producing 2D technical drawings and 3D views to proceed with the structure design.

Design Development

5124 3d view.png

Wallshell uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) for every project designed. Our collaborated 3D model provides customers with integrated home solutions that will present as structural detail space layout and shop drawings. We also use the BIM system throughout the design process, which allows full integration and coordination across our teams and external collaborators. 

BIM copy.png
​Structural Detail
structure copy.png
Space Layout
5124 Fulton model.png
Shop Drawing
BIM-shop drawing.png

Interior Design

Interior Design.png

Wallshell project development service provides customers with the use of a wide variety of interior and exterior design options, from traditional style to modern style. After discussing with customers and get a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, our designer performs detailed spatial and interior design, including determining the overall tone of the project, choosing materials and décor that fit the exterior and interior space. 


The interior design start with the moodboard to present you with the design tone of your imagining home.

Create the design plan with space layout and the chosen material to show the complete space concept.

Interior 2.png

Our designer defines the color for all functional space of your house, recommend the correct, style-compliant furniture and choose the right lighting system by analyzing space. And creates rendering views to show the actual atmosphere and design detail.

Production and Implementation

After your confirmation of design detail, we will start the production by using our BIM system for accuracy. All the products we provide are prefabricated that allows you to have a high-efficient construction process. All the products we provide have been inspected and validated and environmental-friendly. When the package be shipped to the site, we have professional assembly guides to help your construction.

Wallshell can also provide the construction service or recommend you the contractor best suited for your project, should you require one. A detailed project budget is prepared and presented at this stage, in coordination with all key players involved.

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