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Fixed Window

Fixed Window
Superior Performance
  • Aluminum frame

  • Better acoustic rating 

  • Designed and certified for durability

  • Equips an insulating barrier that increases energy performance

  • Promotes dual-paned low-E glass for better energy performance

  • Expertly lessen heat transfer, while internal and external weather seals

  • Great level of weather tightness

  • Provides an effective sound barrier, reducing external noise

Frame Colors
Bronze Anodized.png

Frosted Black

Clear Anodized.png

White Powder Coating

Timber Compsite.png

Wood Cladding

*The color can be customized to better match your project.

Fixed Window
Fixed Window

Panel Measures

  • Width Limitation: 40 inch

  • Height Limitation: 118 inch

Glazing Details

  • Single Glazed: 6 - 13.5mm

  • Double Glazed: 18 - 30 mm

Thermal Performance

  • Uw range SG: 4.3 - 6.1

  • SHGC range SG: 0.38 - 0.66

  • Wind Load Resistance: 4800-6800 Pa

  • Water Tightness: 680 Pa

  • Sound Proof: 39 dB

NFRC Standard

The National Fenestration Rating Council is committed to advancing continuous improvement of windows, doors, and skylights, contributing to making buildings more comfortable and energy efficient.

Fixed Window
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