One Material, Endless Variations ...

Wallshell strictly controlled spray coating environment enables Wallshell to achieve the top qualities of its finish coat. We constantly measure coating temperature, spraying pressure, curing time, particle size, color RGB precision, board density, and board pre-treatment, etc, to assure the qualities unattainable by any other alternative approaches. With more than 20 years of fiber cement pre-treatment and finish coating experience and technology, we pride our fiber cement coating as a top rank in the world, leveraging our selected source for coating raw materials, our standardized procedures, and our patented machinery and equipment. By complying with ICC approved quality control methods, we ensure that Wallshell panel systems perform safer, cost less and take less time to build and to maintain, resulting in substantially reduced development risk.


Wallshell® Distinct Finish Textures and Colors



Mette texture with various solid colors

Dry Straw (105)

Bronze Ash (205)

Orange Ceramic (305)

Brick Red (505)

Iron Ash (650)



Satin texture with various illusory colors

Chameleon Cyan

Chameleon Sky

Chameleon Iris

Chameleon Apricot

Chameleon Magenta



Gloss texture with metallic finishes

Silver Flash (M10)

Alum Flash (M15)

Iron Flash (M40)

Gold Flash (M50)

Sky Glass (M60)



With 4 levels of texture from extra coarse, very coarse to smooth 

Coral Sorghum

Yellow Sesame

Brown Rice

Mixed Quinoa

Mixed Rice

Black Sesame

Gray Sesame

Ash Sesame

Wild Rice

Wild Quinoa

A Close-up View on Wallshell High-Performance Coatings

Comparing to Natural Granites 

Below is close-up view that shows the comparison to the natural granite, with the center one is natural granite, while the surroundings are Wallshell® Graniteshell™ finish panels. close-up view >>

Seven Texture Levels of Wallshell® Finishes

Gloss– a glossy texture applicable only to Solidshell™, Metalshell™, and Pearlshell™ finishes.  

Satin – a satin texture applicable only to Solidshell™, Metalshell™, and Pearlshell™ finishes.

Matte – a texture applicable only to Solidshell™, Metalshell™, and Splendidshell™ finishes.

Polished – a smooth and silk-like texture, applicable to Graniteshell™ and Splendidshell™ finishes.  

Sandblasted – a.k.a Sprayed, a texture with a very subtle texture but little coarse that highlights the grain and beauty of the stone, applicable to Graniteshell™ and Splendidshell™ finishes.

Flamed – a rougher and coarser texture of stone than the Sandblasted one that displays a more natural and faded appearance of stone, applicable to Graniteshell™ finish.

Bush-hammered – an extra coarse finish surface like bush-hammered granite porphyry, applicable to Graniteshell™ finish.