One Material, Endless Appearances…

Wallshell® U-Shield™ Paneling System Overview

1. Steel stud

2. Sheathing

3. Vapor Barrier

4. Insulation

5. L-profile Anchor

6. L-profile Extrusion

7. Ventilation

8. L-profile Rail

9. C&G Brackets and Undercut

10. Finish Coat on Fiber Cement Panel



Mette, Satin or Gloss textures with various Solidshell™ colors and Metalshell™ colors


Mette, Satin or Gloss textures with various illusory Pearlshell™ colors


bush-hammered, flamed, sandblasted or polished textures with various natural granite looks in Graniteshell™. 

Close-up view >>

  Why U-Shield™ ?

  • No compromise to architect visions in either granite or modern metallic facade solution 

  • Durable fiber cement material and marine-grade corrosion resistant anchors 

  • Make no difference in appearance from natural granite or metal materials

  • Almost no weather constraints for on-site panel installation

  • Extra strength to resist higher wind load comparing to most of sidings and facade panels

  • Cost effective comparing to natural granite and aluminum sheets, plus easy to mount

  • High quality finish in strictly controlled manufacturing environment