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Wallshell® Thermal Panoply™ Paneling System Overview

1. Steel Studs

2. Sheathing

3. Vapor Barrier

4. Adhesive Drainage Plane

5. L-profile Supporting Rail

6. T-profile Panel Clips

7. Panel Backer Board

8. Panel Built-in Insulation

9. Finish Coat on Fiber Cement Panel

10. Panel Joint Sealant and Weep Tube


Wallshell® Thermal Panoply™ Paneling System is the flagship of quality products. This fully engineered and designed DRY system is a high performance panel system. Similar to unitized curtain wall design, the system is designed utilizing continuous insulation and interlocking carrier board with extrusion while weep tubes are plugged to control water infiltration. This design provides a “dry” wall cavity condition without the reliance of vapor barrier. Any water that enters the system’s joinery is controlled and weeped back to the exterior. The system has been tested to AAMA 501 standards, this DRY system has proven its performance time and time again.



Mette, Satin or Gloss textures with various Solidshell™ colors and Metalshell™ colors


Mette, Satin or Gloss textures with various illusory Pearlshell™ colors

  Why Thermal Panoply™ ?

  • No compromise to architect visions in either granite or modern metallic facade solution 

  • Durable fiber cement material and marine-grade corrosion resistant anchors 

  • Built-in insulation material increases thermal performance

  • Support continuous insulation to achieve more energy efficient 

  • Almost no weather constraints for on-site panel installation

  • Extra strength to resist higher wind load comparing to most of sidings and facade panels

  • Cost effective comparing to natural granite and aluminum sheets, plus easy to mount

  • High quality finish in strictly controlled manufacturing environment