Wallshell®, the Endless Appearance…

Wallshell® Defined Textures

Below are the seven texture levels defined in ISO Grits and in Wallshell® terminology, such as bush-hammered (extra-coarse), flamed (very coarse) and sandblasted or sprayed (coarse) textures, etc...

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 7.47.11 PM.png

Four Texture Levels of Wallshell® Graniteshell™ Finishes

Polished – a smooth and silk-like surface.  

Sandblasted/Sprayed – a matte finish with a very subtle texture but little coarse that highlights the grain and beauty of the stone.

Flamed – a rougher and coarser texture of stone than the Sandblasted one that displays a more natural and faded appearance of stone.

Bush-hammered – a extremely coarse finish surface like bush-hammered granite porphyry.

Splendidshell™—Multicolor Stone Finishes

Wallshell® granite finish colors can be identical with those of any natural granite. Furthermore, we also can create many expressive multicolor designer patterns. Below are some examples of our granite colors created based on our customer provided designer patterns, finished in sandblasted and polished textures ...

Splendidshell™ Deep Sea

Splendidshell™ Buttery Sand

Splendidshell™ Autumn Hill

Splendidshell™ Pink Flame

Splendidshell™ Moth Wings

Splendidshell™ Peach Veil

Splendidshell™ Splash Ink

Splendidshell™ Golden Hay

Comparing to Natural Granites 

Below is close-up view that shows the comparison to the natural granite, with the center one is natural granite, while the surroundings are Wallshell® Graniteshell™ finish panels.

Close-up view >>

Polished GraniteShell™ Finish Close-up

close-up view >>

Wallshell NewGranite™ Bossage and Fluting Close-up

close-up view >>